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Timestamp not showing in BC3 from Visual Studio 2012

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  • Timestamp not showing in BC3 from Visual Studio 2012

    Hey Guys!

    Love the product. We're encountering a small issue when using the product with Visual Studio 2012. When launching a compare from VS 2012, the timestamps aren't appearing next to the file name. This makes it difficult to differentiate between versions. Is there are a workaround for this?

    I've also posted this question to stackoverflow:

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    That field is populated by the /title parameter. It would appear that previous versions of Visual Studio included the timestamp in %6 and %7, but not the version you are using. Is there additional documentation provided with that version of Visual Studio?

    It is possible they moved it into a new parameter value, such as %x where x is a new number that is just the timestamp, or the path and timestamp together.
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