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Regular 2-Way Diff Integrated w/ Perforce?

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  • Regular 2-Way Diff Integrated w/ Perforce?


    I followed the directions for integrating BC3 with Perforce at:

    Problem is that BC3 command as prescribe performs a 3-way diff for P4V on Ubunutu.
    That is not what I want.
    My normal use case is to diff a current version against a previous version in the Perforce repository.
    I.e. regular, normal 2-wa diff.

    Can you please help?

    The options are either incorrect or the command is incorrect:
    %1 %2 %b %r
    command is: bcompare

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    In the directions of the KB article, the Default Diff Application is set to point at BComp.exe with no parameters in Steps 1 through 4. Step 5 has you switch to the Merge tab and asks for the additional %1, %2, %b and %r arguments. It looks like your screenshot is currently configured to have %b and %r; did you accidentally include these on the Diff tab?

    On Ubuntu, if you define your external tool to point only at "bcompare" does this work? You may need to add %1 and %2, but I would leave them off at first.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Yes, It Works, Thx

      Yes, it works using the following as you suggested:
      The wonderful Beyond Compare diff viewer comes up as I want rather than the awful built-in Perforce Merge-Diff viewer.

      Arguments: %1 %2
      Command: /usr/bin/bcompare

      Thank you very much!