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Windows 7 64-bit and Clearcase 7.1

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  • Windows 7 64-bit and Clearcase 7.1


    On Windows XP BC3.1.11 with clearcase works fine but we're getting a

    "Unable to configure association: Initialization failed"

    on Windows 7 64-bit. Is it not finding the SCC provider from Clearcase? We're trying to narrow down what the issue could be. Would an upgrade to the latest version of BC help?



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    Did you also update ClearCase? After searching on IBM's website, it looks
    like ClearCase 7.1 and newer disable the SCC API by default. Older versions of ClearCase supported this API.

    We do not have access to Clearcase to perform any of the necessary testing. They used to offer a remote service that we could occasionally log into and try to test with, but it has been removed from their website for a few years.

    I would suggest opening a support request with ClearCase on the proper instructions of re-enabling SCC support for 7.1. If they need access to our software, our trial is fully functional and available to test with on our website, here:

    We would be more than willing to answer any questions they may have. We'd certainly appreciate any insight they could offer on their SCC support with 7.1; please feel free to include us as a CC: on any emails you think appropriate.

    IBM has an article on their web site that describes deleting registry
    values to re-enable SCC integration. I would suggest asking Clearcase support if this article contains the steps you need, or if additional steps are required for full SCC support to be re-enabled.
    Aaron P Scooter Software