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Beyond Compare and TFS Problems with temporary files (new)

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  • Beyond Compare and TFS Problems with temporary files (new)

    I am using BC 3.3.7, I configured my Visual Studio 2010 exactly according to the manual. When I take a random file where I have local changes on, check it's history and compare some random two old revisions, and then I try to compare the exact same file with the Workspace or Latest Version, then BC can't find the Workspace / Latest Version in the temp files.

    There is already a thread for this topic, when I try to post a reply I get a succes message, but after my reply is not added to the thread...

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    Thanks for creating an account and posting. The reason it was not showing up was because as a new user, your first post must be manually approved by us in order to be visible. We do this in order to control the amount of spam that is visible on our forums.

    I replied to that thread with:

    Is this while BC3 is still open and it would launch a new tab? If you close BC3 first, then issue the next diff, does it work?

    Would it be possible to post a screenshot of your settings area? There might be a small syntax error we could try to help with. The most common reason for this issue to occur is if you have bcompare.exe instead of bcomp.exe used. For VCS, you generally want to use bcomp.exe.
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