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Copy file functionality doesn't work when diff'ing revisions

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  • Copy file functionality doesn't work when diff'ing revisions

    I'm using BC3 Pro Dual Platform with Linux & Windows, and there is an issue when comparing revisions where files are present in the "from" and not the "to". For example, if I issue a command like: hg bcomp -r default

    To compare the current branch I'm on to default, BC3 will load using directories that look like:
    /tmp/extdiff.zJiJf4/ast.50daf70d8d39 and /tmp/extdiff.zJiJf4

    Copying text left->right works great if the files exist on the right. However, if you attempt to copy a file or folder from the left to the right, they will not exist in the working directory when closing the tool. There are no error mesages or anything. Similarly, deleting a file on the right doesn't actually remove it when the tool is closed. I suspect at exit, BC3 is only syncing the files in the working directory to the counterparts in the magical directory and ignoring any new/deleted files in the magical directory. I would argue this behavior is incorrect. The inability to move files through BC3 is a huge hindrance when managing feature branches in large repositories.

    Here's the relevant sections of my .hgrc:

    purge =
    extdiff =
    mq =
    fetch =
    cmd.bcomp = /usr/bin/bcompare
    opts.bcomp = -leftreadonly
    bcomp.executable = /usr/bin/bcompare
    bcomp.args = $local $other $base $output
    bcomp.priority = 1
    bcomp.premerge = True
    bcomp.gui = True
    merge = bcomp
    diff = bcomp
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    Beyond Compare 3 does not have any extra functionality when called to Compare two folders from source control. The Source Control passes the location parameters and in some cases we are able to compare the locations if they are represented as physical folders on the file system. Any syncing of changes made to these locations when BC3 is closed is completely under control of the current Source Control program. Our Compare and Merge instructions are intended for the Text Compare and Text Merge session types, where BC3 can be used to Diff or Merge specific files.

    Enhancing and expanding our Folder Compare to connect to and compare branches or folders in different version control software is on our Wishlist, but is not implemented in the current version.
    Aaron P Scooter Software