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Integration with SmartGit and SmartSVN

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  • Integration with SmartGit and SmartSVN

    It would be great to have working configs for these version control GUIs. (SmartGit SmartSVN)
    Please share if you have them. Diff is usually straight forward, 3-Way Merge sometimes requires a little tweaking to get the window order and titles correct and optimal.

    Ultimately this knowledge base page should be expanded for new apps:
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    Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you can configure BC3 as the Merge tool by going to the Edit menu -> Preferences, Actions -> Conflict Solver, and define it as an External Application.

    BC3 expects the order of parameters as left right center output.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      PMJI, I tried to configure BeyondCompare 3.x (Standard Version !) as Solver in SmartGit. The merge starts, but at the end, the merge result is not saved somewhere. The parameter line for SmartGit 6.0.6 is "${leftFile}" "${rightFile}" "${baseFile}" /mergeoutput="${mergedFile}".
      I have to admit, we copied this line from the BC4 documentation, so my questions are:
      1. Do I need the 3 way PRO Version to get this running ?
      2. Are the parameters correct for the BC 3.x version ?

      Thanx for your support.


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        1) Yes, you would need BC3 Pro to get the Text Merge session type (3 inputs, 4th output). The Std version only has the Text Compare session type (2-way compare left to right).
        You can revert to Trial mode to test this out:
        And process an Upgrade from Std to Pro here:

        2) Those parameters look correct. The important part is to have the 3rd be the Ancestor/base so it appears in the Center pane in the graphical interface. Our parameters are documented in the Help file, Command Line Reference, and we have various example setups for VCS here:
        Aaron P Scooter Software