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Integrate with git diff out of the box?

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for the suggestion. Making it this easy to integrate with Source Control versions would certainly be nice. We currently have a collected KB article that goes into detail on how to setup Git and other providers, here:

    We have already had to re-revise the article a couple times for Git, as the configuration required for Git has changed, so I would not predict this type of feature to be easy to implement or maintain.

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  • banzaimonkey
    started a topic Integrate with git diff out of the box?

    Integrate with git diff out of the box?

    I've been using a Mac at work for the past 9 months (missing BC all the while). In the mean time, I picked up Kaleidescope and it has this really cool out-of-the-box integration with git.

    From the application menu I can select Integrations and it automatically sets up git difftool to open in Kaleidescope. I click buttons. Magic happens. I think this would make a great addition to BC. What are your thoughts?