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  • Launching BeyondCompare from is a standard script developed by the Subversion (SVN) development team for importing distinct, separate snapshots of a source code tree into a Subversion repository where they cumulatively build the main line trunk but also their distinct snapshot is recorded by a tag (If my understanding is correct).

    See solution/guide to usage here contains a 'hook' for invoking a diff tool for doing a manual merge should the imported file(s) differ from those currently in the SVN repo.

    Can you advise on how to invoke BeyondCompare from to be able to perform the merge?

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    Would this be to diff or merge a specific pair or set of files? You can call Beyond Compare from the command line with 2, 3 or 4 arguments to launch a diff or merge (3+ arguments would require BC3 Pro). For examples, please see this KB article:

    BC3 does not support calling the directories themselves to perform a merge. You could checkout a specific version to a temp location, and compare against it.

    I looked through the script included in that forum thread, and found a quick reference to "diff" with a file1 and file2, but I am not sure if that is related to this question.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Looking at the code the diff command call appears to actually be part of an automated consistency check of the code checked into the SVN repo.

      So I don't believe there was any intention to involve the user in this.

      A diff utility program is therefore required to satisfy this external command call. The following appears to be recommended for the Windows platform

      (It's a free opensource tool, there is a .dll package that needs downloading)

      More information on usage is here:


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        Following the instructions in the davestechshop link, what if you add Beyond Compare 3\ to the path, and copy a Bcomp.exe renamed to diff.exe ? Or copy a renamed BComp.exe (also renamed to diff.exe) to the Perl\bin directory?
        Aaron P Scooter Software