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Source Control Integration is not detecting CVS

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  • Source Control Integration is not detecting CVS

    The Integration Dialog is disabled, with the latest version 439.
    Vista Ultimate Tosiba P200 4Gb Memory NOD32 3.0.414.0 AV, ZoneAlarm, and Windows Defender turned on.

    I have WinCVS installed (2.0.9) and the cygwin version of svn both of which I use.
    I would expect that at least CVS would be detected but it doesnít. Could you
    point me towards any threads that discuss this.
    If it requires it to be in the PATH, I would urge you to have some type of setup
    dialog that would allowing pointing cirrus to the path where cvs is installed.


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    The version control integration uses the Microsoft SCC API, which CVS and WinCVS don't natively support. All the information, including information on getting CVS set up is available in the BC2 version control forum at:

    The steps for BC2 and Cirrus should be almost identical.
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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      What about CVS w/ Cirrus on Linux?

      Will Cirrus on Linux also use this API? It would be cool if I could connect Cirrus to a CVS or SVN tree and diff between branches or versions... but if you rely on a MS API that might not work so well on Linux.

      Of course there's a way to do this in Eclipse w/ BeyondCVS (which checks out the two versions of the files locally then feeds them to BC2 or Cirrus), but built-in support would be even cooler, as I could do ad hoc comparisons between files and their history without needing to use Eclipse's CVS implementation or the Subversive plugin.

      Nick Boldt


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        No the Linux release won't support it. It's a MS developed API that was, until recently, only avaialble under NDA, so I'm guessing it'll take a while before any Linux version control systems considered using it.

        For Linux we'll probably have to add a different layer that relies on the various command line clients or targets specific version control client libraries. In either case it's quite a ways off. In the meantime the best you can do is configure the "Open With" support to call various command line apps.
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software