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  • Issue with StarTeam


    I've configured StarTeam to use BC3 as the merge utility.
    Exe: D:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BCompare.exe
    Options: $usertip $branchtip $basefile $resultfile

    This seems to work pretty well. I can merge the file, save and upon exit BC3 returns 0. StarTeam will recognize the result file and I can check in the changes.

    However, using this configuration the source always ends up being on the right when BC3 starts. I like my source on the left, so I swap the sides. I can address all the conflicts and save. Now when BC3 exits, no matter what, BC3 returns 101. It seems BC3 should be returning 1. This only occurs when I have swapped sides. At this point StarTeam will not pick up the result file to check in.

    Please let me know if you require additional details.

    BC3 - version 3.2.4 (build 13298)
    StarTeam - Version 11.0.0-73


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    Hi Sandman,

    Use the executable bcomp.exe instead of bcompare.exe. Bcomp.exe opens everything in a separate process. Bcompare.exe opens all comparisons in a single process, this causes problems if you open more than one comparison from version control at once.

    To change the order, just change the order of the variables passed to Beyond Compare.

    Options: $branchtip $usertip $basefile $resultfile

    Swap sides will always return exit code 101 in the current version. I'll add it to our todo list for a future version.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks Chris. I never do more than one comparison from a source control at once so I haven't seen the issue with bcompare. But I'll try out bcomp.

      I think the 101 is what is causing issues with StarTeam. It sounds like a bug. Thanks for adding it to the todo.