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Clearcase Snapshot Views with Symbolic Links fail to merge checkin

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  • Clearcase Snapshot Views with Symbolic Links fail to merge checkin

    Hi All,

    We've just purchased 30 BC3 licenses to replace the awful cleardiff tool after using it with much success on other CC projects.

    However on our current environment with CC snapshot views and vobs separated by symbolic links (in a WinXP vm environment) we're unable to merge checkin even if on the same stream.

    1 Two users checkout the same file, one reserved/one unreserved.
    2 Reserved checks in, Unreserved checks in, merge is required
    3 BC opens to do the merge and reconcile the two versions.

    Then odd things happen:
    1 merge file is opened successfully and merge completed succcessfully, save and close.
    2 BC opens again, so again merge and save/close.
    3 CC Error: Error checking in :"xyz". Merging changes from the latest version on the branch failed.

    I've read pretty much all the CC posts here and some stuff seems relevant but have apparently all been fixed.

    I've updated the registry as requested by changing the Extended Naming Suffix.

    I've checked the map file and relevant entries are below:
    text_file_delta		compare				C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe 
    text_file_delta		xcompare			C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe 
    text_file_delta		merge				C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe 
    text_file_delta		xmerge				C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe
    and used the process explorer to get my command line which is:

    merge -abort -base 
    -out C:\xxxxxxxxxx\ 
    -fname C:\yyyyyyyyy\\main\xxxxx_inc1_1\3 
    -fname C:\yyyyyyyyy\\main\xxxxx_inc1_1\4 
    -fname C:\xxxxxxxxxx\
    \\xxxxx\zzzz\VOBS\xxxxx.vbs\c\cdft\31\2b\612bc7bc66f34ae696a4e0b9b83d06bf C:\xxxxxxxxxx\ 
    If anyone could help it would be much appreciated, looking pretty silly after recommending this and it failing at the most basic task!



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    Hello Chris,

    You mention changing the registry as requested by changing the Extended Naming Suffix. What steps did you follow for this?

    Could you check your registry for a couple of values? Do you have:
    HKLM\Software\Atria\ClearCase\CurrentVersion xnsuffix: string = '@@'
    HKLM\Software\Atria\ClearCase\CurrentVersion HistoryModeSuffix: string = '@@'
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I don't have access to regedit so it's taken a while to figure this out, but here is the output from :
      reg QUERY HKLM\Software\Atria\ClearCase\CurrentVersion

          AdminStartMenuFolder        REG_SZ  Rational Software\SHORTCUT_prod\SHORTCUT_admin
          AtriaRegy   REG_SZ  V316-P-RSL-RWAS
          ClearCaseGroupName  REG_SZ  R0\Clearcase-Admins
          ClearCaseMajorVersion       REG_SZ  7.1.0
          DisableAutomounting REG_DWORD       0x1
          DisableCcfsClient   REG_DWORD       0x0
          DisallowRemoteAdministration        REG_DWORD       0x1
          HistoryModeSuffix   REG_SZ  @@
          InteropRegion       REG_SZ
          ProductInfoKeys     REG_MULTI_SZ    b0c3d3cb 01 ClearCase -normal 60 -mini 30 -rel 24 -grace 72\092b2b506 01 ClearCa
      se_view_only -normal 60 -mini 30 -rel 24 -grace 72\0607ec188 01 MultiSite -normal 60 -mini 30 -rel 24 -grace 72\057f42fa
      b 01 Attache -normal 10080 -mini 10080 -rel 24 -grace 72\060626438 01 Attache-MultiSite -normal 10080 -mini 10080 -rel 2
      4 -grace 72\0c9dc6106 01 ClearTrack_C -normal 60 -mini 30 -rel 24 -grace 72\0fb66c56d 01 ClearTrack -normal 10080 -mini
      10080 -rel 24 -grace 72\0c90a9fbd 01 ClearGuide -normal 60 -mini 30 -rel 24 -grace 72\022b36dc7 01 PDDTS -normal 60 -min
      i 30 -rel 24 -grace 72\022b36dc7 01 PDDTS -normal 60 -mini 30 -rel 24 -grace 72\0\0
          Region      REG_SZ  DTT
          SmtpServerHost      REG_SZ
          StartMenuFolder     REG_SZ  Rational Software\SHORTCUT_prod
          VobSchemaRev        REG_DWORD       0x1e
          xnsuffix    REG_SZ  @@
          InstallConfiguration        REG_DWORD       0x163
          HostData    REG_SZ  C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase
          ProductHome REG_SZ  C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase
          UseRCL      REG_DWORD       0x0
          LicenseHost REG_SZ
          RegBackup   REG_SZ
      Seems the entries for those two things are incorrect, it should have string and it has REG_SZ?

      Thanks for your help,



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        Does anyone know if it's the above that's causing the issues? and how to change the settings if it is?




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          The posted registry looks ok. It has a "HistoryModeSuffix REG_SZ @@" section. If that was missing or otherwise different, it could have explained the behavior you were running into.

          So far, the information posted looks ok at a glance. We unfortunately do not have ClearCase in the office to test with. It sounds like you have had good luck with ClearCase and BC3 in the past as well. Are there any major differences between your past setups and the current setup?

          We recently had another user submit an alternate workaround for Clearcase on the forum, here:

          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thanks Aaron,

            The main difference this time is the symbolic links in the VOB, we have a main project structure and some of the links are to other vobs and I think it's that that is confusing BC. I suspect it could be changing the file in the local area but not the Linked area or similar but I'm really not sure how this symlinking works.

            I don't see how the privided file will help immediately, but it may give us some pointers.




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              In the Folder Compare's Session Settings -> Handling tab, we recently introduced an option to Follow Symlinks. Does enabling or disabling this option help?
              Aaron P Scooter Software