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  • Merging GIT files

    I am having problems performing mysysgit merges using beyond compare. I have followed the instructions on the website for configuring git to use BC as a merge tool. When I run the tool it says "Error Opening File" in both the top middle (base) window and the bottom (output) window. If I look on the file system there is a .BACKUP a .LOCAL and a .REMOTE file. There is no base file. If I open the bottom file (which fails to open in BC) in notepad then it is like the original file but with the >>>>>> markers. I suspect that the configuration instructions were based on a older version of GIT? Can somebody please help me configure the mergetool correctly?

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    Hello Dan,

    When I test this using our written steps for Linux using BC3 Pro and a 3way Merge available here:

    Using the mergetool command works as expected. I am prompted to launch bc3, and if I view the directory during the merge I see the file in several versions with the postfixes of .BACKUP.NUMBER, BASE.NUMBER, LOCAL.NUMBER, REMOTE.NUMBER, .orig and the file itself.

    Which version of Git are you running and under which OS?
    Aaron P Scooter Software