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Subversion/subclipse setup

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  • Subversion/subclipse setup

    Hi all,
    I am running on linux and have eclipse with subclipse installed. I am trying to set up the BeyondCVS plugin, which appears to be working for local files but not for files in the SVN respository.
    I have set up the Diff/Merge properties so the external tool points to bcompare and I have the following parameters set
    - "${theirs}" "${yours}" /savetarget="${merged}"

    If I right click a file and select Compare With > Latest Revision (Beyond Compare ) I get the error - 'The selected file has no revision in the repository'
    Yet if I try Compare With > Latest Revision ( Non beyond compare ) I get the comparison information.
    Compare with local history seems to work fine. Can anyone help as I have started a new job and I am wanting to recommend Beyond Compare to the company. I can only do this if I get the integration with subversion working.

    Many thanks,

    Dave Gibson

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    Ok I have fixed this now. On the install software in eclipse I was trying to install both the subclipse and the subversive plugins rather than just select the correct version that I needed. All working now!! Phew