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TortoiseSVN Add and Delete Commands

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  • TortoiseSVN Add and Delete Commands

    I have been using Beyond Compare recently to migrate zip folder backups into SVN repositories.

    The process is as follows:
    • Use of Beyond Compare is to detect ORPHAN files which need to be manually deleted or added with TortoiseSVN. The left folder is the SVN project folder and the right folder is the "new" contents for the SVN project. The right folder is not under SCC, and I am adding the contents of this to the left (SVN project) folder.
    • A right orphan file should be added with TortoiseSVN.
    • A left orphan file should be deleted with TortoiseSVN.
    • I detect the orphan files, but use windows explorer to add or delete the individual orphan files from the SVN project.

    Is there a way for Beyond Compare to execute a TortoiseSVN add or delete command directly?

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    Hi Briana,

    Well, when you are in a folder compare and invoke the context-menu via right-click, then you should get an entry called "Explorer" at the bottom. Hover the mouse over it and the original windows explorer context-menu should appear as a submenu.
    Here the TortoiseSVN entries are listed (at least on my system).

    Hope this helps ...



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      We have a KB article on this here:

      I would recommend Christoph's approach. We use SVN here at Scooter Software, and that is the method we use.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Thank you for the prompt responses. It sounds like the explorer method is the suggested method.

        It is currently a little cumbersome to browse to TortoiseSVN through the explorer menu:

        1. Actions or right-click
        2. Select Explorer menu
        3. Select TortoiseSVN
        4. Select Add or delete item

        Is there any way to reduce the number of steps required above? I think the ideal situation would be to display TortoiseSVN as an option below "Explorer" in the actions or right-click menu.

        Is there a way to add some explorer commands to the main toolbar or bring them up one level to the main DropDown menu?


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          We can't do anything other than display the entire Explorer menu. You can use the "Open With" support (Tools->Options->Open With) to add commands for the command line "svn add" and "svn delete". You can't check the existing status in that case like Tortoise does, but they'd be right under the "Open With" menu instead of buried two levels deep.
          ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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            OK, thanks for the info. I appreciate the prompt response. I am not sure the limitations of integration with the explorer context menu. As more people use TortoiseSVN a more seamless integration with Beyond Compare would be a great feature.

            Thanks for the software and support it is great.