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  • Help with Subversion SCC

    I am trying to add Subversion connectivity to BC 3.1.3 (build 10374), where I already have VSS connectivity. I am running on a plain vanilla Windows XP box.

    I installed the TortoiseSVN client, and it appears to be running fine. I then tried installing the TortoiseSVN SCC plugin, but I got a "memory could not be written" error trying to register the DLL, so I uninstalled it. Next I installed SVNScc, and it appeared to install correctly. When I try to add a directory to source control in BC, I get the dialog asking me to choose the SCC provider, and if I choose VSS, it works just fine. Unfortunately, if I choose SVNScc, I get the somewhat unhelpful error: "Unable to configure associate: Non-specific error".

    I'd really like to integrate Subversion into BC, and I'd like to use a freeware SCC client, but it looks like the only two freeware clients are not working and no longer being maintained. Can anyone help get one of these two clients running, or suggest another freeware SVN SCC client?