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  • TortoiseHg integration

    Somehow I cannot set it up correctly. Any help appreciated!


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    Where exactly is your problem then?
    I must confess, that I have no experience with TortoiseHg but with TortoiseSVN. And there the integration of BC works perfectly ...

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      It seems TortoiseHg has little to do with TortoiseSVN, and more in line with another project: Mercurial

      I attempted to configure TortoiseHg, and it looks doable, but found little documentation. It seems that TortoiseHg is early in development, and does not have extensive Help.

      Do you know of any good sources of information on the project, or would the SourceForge's forum be the best place to ask for assistance?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Documentation is still sketchy. This is what I've learned from trial and error, to help those who stumble across this via Google.

        I'm using still using Windows XP; I have no idea if this works on Vista. I also installed BC3 with the single user option and did a stock install of TortoiseHg 0.4.

        Edit %USERPROFILE%\Mercurial.ini and add these lines:

        cmd.bcomp = <BC3 install location>\BCompare.exe
        opts.bcomp = /ro
        bcomp.executable = <BC3 install location>\BComp
        bcomp.args = $local $other $base $output
        bcomp.priority = 1
        Of course, replace <BC3 install location> with the full path of the install folder for BC3 (C:\...). For the merge, the arguments put your changes ($local) in the left pane, the common ancestor ($base) in the center and the conflicting file ($other) in the right pane. Reorder the first three args to suit your taste.

        Note that the merge uses BComp while the diff uses BCompare.exe. Using either BComp.exe or for the diff will cause TortoiseHg to toss up an error dialog complaining it can't delete some temp folder.

        Next, check if you have [ui] and [tortoisehg] sections in the ini file. If not, insert those sections. Then add these lines:

        merge = bcomp
        vdiff = bcomp
        Save the ini file and you're set to go with BC3 as your visual diff and merge tool.


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          Thanks for the detailed steps. We'll add this to our VCS knowledge base article.
          ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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            Has anyone managed to get this to work for BeyondCompare 2 yet? I tried substituting the paths for the BC2 paths, but it didn't work.


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              Hello John,

              For Diff or Merge? BC3 Pro has a 3way Merge session that is not available in BC2. For BC2 you would need to use a combination of the Text Compare (2way) and a /savetarget parameter so that saving saves to a 3rd location. BC2 cannot accept a Left,Right, and Ancestor to compare and a 4th output.

              Aaron P Scooter Software