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Opening BC3 from PVCS is very slow on Windows 10

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  • Opening BC3 from PVCS is very slow on Windows 10

    We've been using BC3 with PVCS for a long time on Windows 2000, XP, 7 - and it works wonderfully.

    A little while ago I got a new PC with Windows 10 and whenever I start BC3 from PVCS it is very slow to start - it can take a over one minute and you can see the individual icons and menus in the toolbars being drawn.
    I can get or check out files from PVCS (takes a second or two) then use the right-click context menu to start BC3 and it starts quickly.
    The "Load time" shown at the bottom of BC3 when using the context menu is 0.11 seconds, but when starting through PVCS it is shown as 2.7 seconds.

    I tried a trial version of BC4 with the same results.

    It it too much of a pain to get different revisions of files to compare them. I have even considered using the PVCS comparison tool (really bad when one is used to using BC3) because it is quick.

    Any ideas?

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    Are you using the file from our version control page to configure BC as an external diff tool in PVCS?

    Have you verified that PVCS is compatible with Windows 10?
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I have used the file and before that I had just replaces the PVCSMerge.exe with Bcomp.exe. Both methods have the same result.

      PVCS seems to work OK under Windows 10 running as administrator in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.
      It is a slow when running it away from the office via VPN but that is the same on all operating systems.

      Something that may be related is that the files are extracted from PVCS archives to a substed (not mapped) drive. To get this to work with UAC on Windows 10 we have to run subst from a normal command prompt and also from an administrator command prompt .

      When it goes slow, sometimes the whole operating system seems to be affected and only goes back to normal when the BC3 window started by PVCS is closed.