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Problem integrating Clearcase to use Beyond Compare 3.3.5 Pro

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  • Problem integrating Clearcase to use Beyond Compare 3.3.5 Pro

    I'm attempting to integrate Clearcase and Beyond Compare so that Clearcase will use Beyond Compare for xml and dta files (zip file with a different extension).

    I've successfully identified the Clearcase types that I need to update in the map file ( _xml2 and z_whole_copy ) and have modified the lines for compare, xcompare, merge, and xmerge to point to the location of BComp.exe (i.e., matching your instructions)

    I've configured Beyond Compare to recognize .dta as a zip file extension.

    When I'm performing the rebase it now is launching Beyond Compare instead of the default clearcase compare/merge tool.
    Beyond Compare is recognizing that it's a zip file and allowing me to browse and view sub-files.

    However, the comparison is only showing a 2-way instead of a 3-way. When I close the comparision (after opening a sub-file with diffs so it identifies differences) ClearCase then attempts to launch Beyond Compare to merge the files. Beyond Compare errors out stating that it can't find the folder specified and pointing to a temp file/folder in my AppLocal area named mvfsless12345678 where 12345678 looks to be a unique id.

    Clearcase then appears to timeout in the background saying that it had an error couldn't find the .merge file...

    Thoughts? Suggestions? More information that I could provide?


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    BC3 does not support being used as a Folder level diff or merge tool. It only supports a file diff or file 3 way merge. Was this what you were trying to diff?

    This is something we are working on for BC4 (and added a 3-way Folder Merge session type). BC4 is currently in public beta for testing, here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I'm attempting to merge a zip file.

      Since it's a singular file, I'd assumed that I could at least do a comparison and then "merge" by taking the entirety of one of the versions... was this a mistaken assumption? It looks like this functionality is there, the problem seems to be that there's something weird about how clearcase is interfacing with it.

      I'll get my user to test with a simple xml file to see if the integration behavior changes.


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        Aaron, I had my engineer do some testing with an xml file, and it appears to work correctly with them (determined a merge was needed on it's own then launched a 3-way merge). So my problem seems to be limited to the zip file, so I'm now doubting that it's a clearcase/BeyondCompare integration issue. Rather, based on your earlier statement, it appears that Beyond Compare treats the zip file more as a folder/directory rather than a file in itself (makes sense given the name of the area in Options is "Folder Views"...) and thus doesn't support merges?

        So I think my options at this point are to experiment with the BC4 beta, or remove recognizing our dta file as a zip file and treat it as just a binary?

        Appreciate the help.
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          Correct, an archive file is treated as a Folder by Beyond Compare, so it can be viewed and its contents individually handled. If it were a binary file, then BC wouldn't even necessarily be needed, since the entire file would be copied (and you wouldn't edit a binary Archive file as then it would likely not extract).

          Testing BC4's beta is an option, as we are working on also allowing the Folder views to 'wait' while the diff or merge is running.
          Aaron P Scooter Software