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Is there a way to specify the line ending style for merge output?

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    I just sent this information by email, but I'll post it here for anyone else monitoring this thread.

    I don't have a strong Perforce background, so here's a link that describes how they handle line terminators:

    It looks like by default Perforce always stores text in the repository with LF as a terminator. Using the default settings, it will check files out to your system using terminators that match your operating system (CRLF on Windows). When you check the file back in, it should automatically convert it to the preferred format (LF) of the repository.

    You can edit your Perforce workspace options to force it to check out in another format. To change the setting In P4V 2007.3, select Connection > Edit Current Workspace. Change the "LineEnd" setting to "unix".
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Originally posted by Erik View Post
      - Select "View -> Visible Whitespace" to show line endings.
      - The file type indicator is listed in the status bar of the input editors (MAC, PC, UNIX, MIX).
      - "Compare line endings" in the "Session Settings" dialog will treat differences in line endings as important. This is most useful for mixed line endings.
      I am having troubles with getting mixed line endings and I could not find this feature in my version of Beyond Compare. I checked to see if I have the latest.


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        The Session Settings dialogs are context specific. Are you currently in a Text Compare session (viewing the text of your files)? If so, the Importance tab should have the "Compare Line endings (PC/Mac/Unix)" option near the bottom of the dialog.
        Aaron P Scooter Software