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    Thanks for responding Aaron, and pointing out the post started a year ago, and not in 2007. I didn't notice the date in the post was the join date instead of the post date. I noticed the character per line limit, but others in this post indicated that's not a true fix because it can affect the difference algorithm used. I realize that the differences are shown if I'm willing to scroll across horizontally, but for very long paragraphs that can get old quickly.

    Besides, it was discovered that CompareIt has this feature already built in, and although in so many ways it is inferior to BC, that's what the company solution will embrace given that BC doesn't provide an equivalent. Hopefully you'll get this feature off the wish list and incorporated before too long, because I'm a big fan of the program.


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      Wrapping in BC4

      Hi there,

      Question to BeyondCompare developers: In 2007 you said that wrapping was on your wishlist. Has any progress been made now that we're in 2015? Is wrapping of long lines supported in BeyondCompare 4?

      Thank you.


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        Originally posted by msoutopico View Post
        Is wrapping of long lines supported in BeyondCompare 4?
        Not AFAICT.


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          We have no new announcements to make about wrapping text at this time. It's still something on our wishlist.

          We've been quite busy since 2007, which was before we had released BC3 and the ability to edit text in the main pane. Since then we've added text editor functionality, added Linux and OSX support, 64bit support, and a large variety of additional enhancements. You can review our BC3 and BC4 changelog files if you would like to chart what we've been able to release.
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            Wrapped Details

            Originally posted by Michael Bulgrien View Post
            a shorter-term solution prior to a full-fledged implementation of word wrap might be to create a "Wrapped Details" pane to swap out with the regular "Text Details" pane that takes just the current pair of lines and displays them (with difference coloring in place) wrapped to match the width of the pane.
            Considering the challenges, I still maintain that wrapping in text details is far better than no wrapping at all.
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              Please note My vote too!
              I need comare text with long lines and prefer to view all line content without horisontal scrolling.

              Word wrap is a must-have feature for each text editing tools, yet Notepad have it!