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Delete one text list from another.

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    Hi Aaron

    It can vary between “hangs”.

    The most common is the progress bar will continuously scroll left to right but not fill any green blocks permanently. Sometimes I can press other buttons and they work but more often than not I get the “This program is not responding” message and I have to crash it. Usually the two screens where the text should be are blank and remain so.

    The two files I sent will lock it up in the less obvious way. If you want to really lock it up add more text to List B. It will be even better if it isn’t alphabetically sorted as you just don’t get anywhere with it then.

    I have even left the program running for a few hours to see if it was just a matter of waiting but nothing changes.

    I have tried the standard method with the two files I sent you. List A loads quickly and so does List B or so it seems. However I cannot find any text in List B even when selecting to “Show Differences”.

    I also tried altering the slider bar with no difference.


    Have you tried WinMerge ? If not, would you like to try it on the lists I sent you, it should load and mark everything nearly instantly.

    As far as I know WinMerge is open source so could you perhaps see how they do it ? BC3 will have the advantage over WinMerge as the user will be able to select the similarities or the differences which WinMerge cannot do.
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      Originally posted by Indent View Post
      As far as I know WinMerge is open source so could you perhaps see how they do it ?
      Careful with this advice ... it could create a situation where some or all of Scooter Software's has to be released as open source. Details of this vary with the type of open source license, and how much the proprietary software is "contaminated" by the open source.

      GPL3 is, AIUI, very aggressive about being used becoming a requirement of open release, while some of the other licenses (BSD and SSH are examples, I believe) are more flexible. At the most lenient end is traditional public domain code.

      One way around this (sometimes) is to have one person do the looking, and then provide a summary (not a copy) to another person who interprets that to write the proprietary code.

      Open source property rights and their interaction with proprietary rights can be a challenging subject.



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        I just wonderd if there were any progress reports on this ?


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          Sorry for the delay.

          When using the Standard method, were your files entirely loaded? One of the big differences is that the Std method can load the longer file partially, but if the comparison is not finished then clicking on various display filters may not show what you expect.

          Clicking various buttons that interact with the still-loading Alternative comparison seems to cause issues for you. That behavior I have not gotten to reproduce quite yet. If you open a new tab and work in there for a bit, does it also "freeze up" if you leave the original comparison running?
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Hi Aaron

            I have sent you another attachment via e-mail including my settings. I have sent an English dictionary and a list of junk words / text from the internet.

            I have tried (using the settings you kindly told me to use) to remove all the English words in List A from List B.

            I have used many different combinations of settings with no luck. I have used other software to accomplish this task for myself personally but I thought you might like to work out why BC3 doesn’t work for me in this situation.

            Please could you try the two lists using any method or configuration and see if you can remove the words in List A from List B ? If you manage to get BC3 to do it I would be grateful if you would post how you did it on here, so I can try to reproduce your method.

            Thanks for your time and Happy Christmas !
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              Thanks for the sample files. I played around with them and showed them to a developer. A good configuration we came up with is:

              In the Tools menu -> File Formats, make a format for these files, and in the Grammar tab, add a new Line Weight of
              that is a Regular Expression and a Priority of 5.

              Then in your Session Settings, Importance tab, set all three whitespaces to be important, and in the Alignment tab set Skew Tolerance to something very large (30000) and check to Never align differences.

              I was able to then load your files for comparison in about 15 seconds. The Line Weight is not necessary, but is a neat trick our developer recommended that will speed up the comparison. Since your files are Dictionaries, if you find a match it will immediately match it without looking any further.
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                Our Data Compare session type also handles your files well once you set the columns to be fixed and leave the field blank, but runs a sorting algorithm that can take some time, making it a bit slower since your files are already sorted. We'll look into that to see if it can be improved.
                Aaron P Scooter Software


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                  Hi Aaron

                  Thank you for your time. Yes this does work better for me now !

                  However it does seem a long winded way for a user to have to set up BC to simply compare 2 lists. Could this perhaps be a feature request to make it simpler for a user to do this task in future versions ? Perhaps also some better optimisation for this sort of thing ?

                  Thanks again and have a happy new year !