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Line endings (Windows to Windows File Compare)

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    Tim, any further thought on this?

    Again, while in agreement that BC3 should not allow a user to inadvertently create files with mixed line endings, it would be nice to be able to copy line endings to a file that already has mixed line endings, and only when the "Compare Line Endings" feature is enabled.

    Wouldn't this combination give your product the best of both worlds? (stability for files without mixed line endings, and flexibility for files already containing mixed line endings)
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      noob agrees with mike

      Hi, I am brand new to BC and just registered here.

      I ended up here via a (long) googling session looking for a good directory compare utility after getting frustrated with UltraCompare's inability to properly handle files with differing line terminations. I specifically need a tool that can nimbly handle text files with a variety of line termination issues (Unix-LF, Dos-CR-LF, OldMac-CR, and mixed).

      I agree wholeheartedly with Michael's assessment. A CR-LF is different from a LF on a binary level, and on a text level (if you select the "Compare line endings" option in the Text Compare Session Settings dialog). A powerful file comparison utility such as BC should have a rich set of configuration options to handle any sort of modifications to line endings. And the manual needs to be a bit clearer on this issue - It took me quite a while to figure out how to get at the setting to get it to work as I need it. (I couldn't find the option when in folder compare mode - I had to be in a text file compare to even see the setting.)

      I couldn't care less about BC's built-in editor which I won't be using anyway (I have other editors I use for editing). What I do need is essentially what you already have: a very slick file/directory compare utility. I am currently evaluating it and will likely be buying it very soon if it really does all it claims to do (bug free, that is ).

      So far, I am very impressed with BC3!

      Edit 2009-03-30: Evaluation over. Just purchased Pro version. +1 Happy customer!
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