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    Thanks Craig - that did the trick

    Mark a block in the left file, press F7, mark "similar" block in right file and select "Align with" gives the results/layout I was expecting.

    Thanks again.


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      Same thing, but with a 3-way merge?

      I'm running into the exact same problem, but with a 3-way merge.

      I select the section in the left file using the menu option, then do "Align With" and sweep the entire matching section in the middle file. It ends up aligning only the first line from the left section with the last selected line from the middle.

      I attached 3 screenshots showing what I'm seeing. This is with version 3.1.11.

      It doesn't seem to matter if I include or exclude the slashed (empty) lines when I choose the target section. Nor does it matter if I start with the middle file (I can choose the target in either side but the single-line alignment behavior is the same).

      Am I just doing something wrong? I'm wondering if I compounded the problem by hand-aligning the method block directly above the method declaration seen in the screenshots?


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        Originally posted by Aaron View Post

        The Text Merge session unfortunately does not support the same Align With features that the Text Compare session type has. Adding this functionality is on our wishlist, but is a larger project and would not be a quick change.
        My apologies - I didn't see post #10 from Aaron on page 1 of the thread. So the "block align" capability is only in 2-way compare with the 3.1.11 build?


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          Correct. Currently the Text Merge's Align With takes the "current" line where the blinking cursor is located, and is not based on the selected text.
          Aaron P Scooter Software