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  • Abort scripted process

    Is there a way to send a command to abort a long-running bcompare.exe process (version 3)? I need this in a situation where the application invoking it gets a shutdown signal (the application, not the OS). For example, a windows service executing a snapshot on a large directory tree on a remote share takes hours to complete. If that service is stopped, BCompare.exe continues its business. This isn't only wasting resources, but it forces me to write code to kill previous process or watch for accidental output file collisions, or similar. I'd like to send cancel command to the same process that I still have in scope. Thanks.

    Windows. BC

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    Thanks for the feedback. There is not currently a way to stop the Beyond Compare task if the service that called it is stopped. If it is running as a graphical Script window (not as a service, or /silent), you could use WM_CLOSE to close the window. We do not have any auto-detection and closing within BC3, however. I can add this to our Customer Wishlist.
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      Thank you.

      I decided to write some code to kill the process. It's probably ok (versus exiting nicely). Thanks.