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Text compare output file (formatting)

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  • Text compare output file (formatting)

    Hello Support,

    I am having 2 different folders:
    1) sample 1
    2) Sample 2

    Both folders contain same amount of Text files with same name in each folder.

    I am comparing those text files between different folders. I am successfully filtering the mismatch data and can see them in Red marking.

    I am in need of a report for comparison of those files.

    Report should include following:

    1) File name.
    2) Line no.
    3) mismatch words from both files.

    Can above report be generated in tabular format?

    I have attached 2 sample files. i have renamed the other file to differentiate you understandings.

    Please help me.

    Denil Patel.

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    It appears your two sample files do not contain any different words?

    I would suggest using the graphical interface first to determine the report you want to generate. Once found, we can then help with the script to generate that report configuration.

    You can generate either a Folder Report or Text Report from our Folder Compare session. To generate the Folder Report, issue an Edit menu -> Expand All command, and then the Session menu -> Folder Compare Report. To generate a Text Report, issue an Edit menu -> Expand All command, Edit menu -> Select All Files command, then Actions menu -> File Compare Report.

    Would a Text Report, layout side by side, showing Mismatches be what you are looking for?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hello Aaron,

      Thanks for your reply.

      How to use graphical interface with BC3?

      Is there any plugins to be used or download? If yes, where to download it from?

      Yes, i am looking for Text Report, layout side by side, showing Mismatches in color differences.



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        We have a Basics video here:

        You can boot up the graphical interface by launching the program from the start menu or desktop shortcut, which will take you to the Home screen. On the left are buttons for each of the session types, you can then select Text Compare to launch into that one. You can then browse or drag and drop your files into the empty Text Compare panes to start the comparison.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          One potential script:

          load "c:\folder1" "c:\folder2"
          expand all
          select files.newer files.older files.different
          text-report layout:side-by-side options:display-mismatches output-to:"c:\bcreport.html" output-options:html-color
          Aaron P Scooter Software