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  • convert files with copyto

    im using BC3 pro to create file change reports for a department file server and have used BC for years for creating mirrors and generally managing files. i love this thing!

    starting with one of my file change report scripts which uses a snapshot, is there a way to "copyto" the new files to a location AND convert the files to something else with a third party command line app?

    so, for example, all new PNG files on the server would be run through PNG2PDF.exe and the resulting PDF would be sent to x:\website\

    kinda like a delta folder with conversion i guess

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    You could setup a bat file that performs the script as the first step, select specific files (newer and orphan, or whatever customization you would like), then CopyTo a Temp location.
    The bat file could then run PNG2PDF.exe on each of the files in the temp location, then copy all of the files in the Temp location to the Destination.
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      good idea, thanks! how do you do a "for each" in a bat file in windows? any examples on hand?


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        For %%? In (*.png) Do PNG2PDF.exe "%%~f?"
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761