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Improving Folder Compare Efficiency

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  • Improving Folder Compare Efficiency


    I am using BC3 in a corporate setting to compare folders between a few servers. This is a task we are wanting to run monthly so I have everything set up in a script with variables being passed through a simple Batch application.

    The script is running successfully and generating a useful report every time. However, the compare is taking an excessive amount of time, usually more than a half hour. None of the folders used in the compare have more than 10,000 files. I am currently running the script through my underpowered work laptop that can only access the servers through a VPN.

    I was wondering if there is a common way to increase the efficiency and stability of the comparison to generate a report faster. I am not an admin on any of the servers involved so I doubt running the script server-side will be a possibility.

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    It depends on which factor is making it slower. My hunch is if you have a Content Compare scan enabled (Binary, CRC, Rules-based) between two remote machines, this would download temporary files to your script running laptop to run the content comparison. As you already predicted, this scenario would be much faster if the script and BC4 were installed to one of the machines, so at least once side is local.
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