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BC3 getting crashed when trying to compare 1000 csv files

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  • BC3 getting crashed when trying to compare 1000 csv files

    Hi team,

    We need to compare more than 1000 csv files.

    We are using BC3 for the comparsion purpose,but we are facing crash issue during the execution.

    Comparison is done using the scripts .

    BCompare.exe "@C:\My Script.txt" "C:\Left File.csv" "C:\Right File.csv" "C:\Result.csv"

    Config file used is as below:

    data-report layout:interleaved &
    options:display-all,line-numbers,ignore-unimportant &
    output-to:"%3" output-options:html-color "%1" "%2"

    We are passing the file names as parameters, for starting files comparison is done successfully but after sometime Beyond Comapre crashes.

    Cold you please let us know the reason for crash issue, is there any solution for avoiding it.

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    Could you email the crash report to with a link back to this forum thread? Looking at the stack trace would help us determine what kind of crash you are running into.

    If you are calling bc3 multiple times, and it closes after each call, I suspect it is hitting a crash with a specific pair of files. Perhaps there is something about them, or they are too large, that might be triggering the crash. If every script window is staying open, then you might be running out of memory; use bcompare.exe /closescript "@c:\myscript" "left" "right" "results" to close after each call.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Bug report Generated during teh crash

      Hi Aaron,

      Please find attached the bug report ,captured during the crash of Beyond Compare while execution.
      Attached Files


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        That's an older version of BC3. Does the problem reproduce if you update to the latest, 3.3.13? And if so, what stack trace does 3.3.13 show?
        All 3.x updates are free and you can download it here:

        Does this reproduce every time you call this command line with these specific test files?
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi Aaron,

          I have downloaded the 3.x updates and done the comparison for the files.
          All files were compared without any issues.
          Thanks for your help