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Cannot launch BC3 in Compiled C# application

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  • Cannot launch BC3 in Compiled C# application

    Hi All,

    I am able to launch BC3 using Visual Studio 2010 using the code below in C# application successfully.

    Process.Start(bc3, @"c:\temp\File1.cs c:\temp\File2.cs");

    But from the complied application deployed on IIS 7.5 on the same machine (Windows 7), BC3 does not launch and there is no error.

    I have given full control to IIS users on the BC3 installation folder and also on the C# application folder.

    Could you please shed some light on it, what am I doing wrong or there is some other settings need to be done.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi John,

    I also responded to your question by email, but here it is for anyone else monitoring this thread:

    I'm not familiar with IIS, but a quick search suggests the default IIS account is prevented from interacting with the desktop:

    Can you launch a single file with Notepad using the same code in IIS? If not, then it's an IIS issue, not a Beyond Compare issue and you'll need to consult an IIS expert.

    If Notepad does launch but Beyond Compare doesn't, it's possible Beyond Compare's license key isn't entered correctly. License keys can be entered per-user or for all user accounts on a machine. If it was entered per-user and IIS is running as a different user account than the one used to enter the key, then it will run in trial mode until it expires. Checking "All users" when entering the key or saving the key as BC3Key.txt in the folder where Beyond Compare 3 is installed will register for all user accounts. The default location on 64-bit Windows is "c:\program files (x86)\beyond compare 3\BC3Key.txt".

    If you want to run an automated comparison without displaying Beyond Compare's user interface, you can use Beyond Compare's built-in command line scripting support to output a comparison to a printer, text file, or HTML. See the "Using Beyond Compare > Automating With Scripts" and "Scripting Reference" topics in the help file for details.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Syntax error by user Carl who
      emailed to let us know that
      "In Visual Basic VB Studio 2017 the following syntax gives an error. "
      Process.Start("C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare.exe c:\ATS_Application\Text Data\Case Label - WO 20180611.xls c:\ATS_Application\Text Data\Case Label - WO 20180709.xls")
      "The error I get when I run the command is :"
         The system cannot find the file specified.

      Solution, also posted by Carl:
      "I found the solution, yeah! You might want to share this with your users.
      The command must be in this format with all the quotes shown below:"

      Process.Start("C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare.exe", """C:\ATS Application\Test Data\Case Label - WO 20180611.xls"" ""C:\ATS Application\Test Data\Case Label - WO 20180709.xls""")