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Dolphin "Compare" context menu compares file with itself

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  • Dolphin "Compare" context menu compares file with itself


    I find that if I ctrl-select two files in Dolphin, right click and select Compare then BC tries to compare the first file with itself. For info (though it's been this way for some time):

    BC 3.3.8
    KDE 4.11.2
    Fedora 19


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    Thanks for the report. There seems to be something specific with Dolphin (instead of the default Files manager) that is causing this issue. I'll open a tracker entry to investigate. In the meantime, you can drag and drop individual files or folders onto the left or right side to open them, if that is easier than using the internal browse dialog.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi There,

      I have the same problem with both Dolphin and Konqueror used as a file manager.

      System is a Fedora 20 64-bit install with KDE desktop.
      Qt: 4.8.5
      KDE Development Platform: 4.12.3
      Konqueror: 4.12.3
      Dolphin: 4.12.3

      Beyond Compare 3.3.10 build 17762

      There is a working solution, though:
      - first select just one file
      - call context menu
      - click on 'Select left file'
      - select 2nd file
      - call context menu
      - click 'Compare to...[left file]'

      ...but it's a bit painful as it requires 2 different selections and 2 calls to the context menu.

      Thanks for your support.


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        Thanks for the additional configuration details. I'll add them to our report on the subject. We've been pretty swamped with the BC4 beta, but we're still tracking this issue and we'll investigate when we can.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Beyond Compare updated today to version 3.3.11-18371 with yum but the problem is still there.
          I tried version 4 beta and it also has the same problem.
          (my pro v3 license also did not work for v4 so I had to manually downgrade)

          KDE/Konqueror are now at Version 4.12.5 and Qt at 4.8.6


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            Correct, we weren't able to address this in the latest release. It's still an open issue we're working on.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Hi All,

              Great, there was a yum update to Linux Beyond Compare today and the feature now looks OK: I can now select 2 files in the same folder, ask for a comparison and bcompare will properly open those 2 files, while beforehand it would open the same file twice, which was useless.

              Thank you for the fix !