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High average load with BC3, Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 and ATI?

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  • Chris
    Hi Tobi,

    Sorry, I haven't seen this behavior, but I also haven't tested BC3 with Ubuntu and the ATI graphics driver.

    Most of my testing of BC3 for Linux is done in VMWare Workstation running with Windows as the host OS. I don't know what video hardware VMWare emulates, but I haven't seen any significant slowdowns.

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  • tobi_h
    started a topic High average load with BC3, Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 and ATI?

    High average load with BC3, Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 and ATI?

    Hi all,

    I hope this is not too detailed a question, but currently I cannot use BC3 on my Dell Latitude D610 with an ATI X300 graphics card, neither with the OSS nor the AMD fglrx drivers - reliably, after some time (~max. 15mins) my system load goes up to >5, and the whole system gets unresponsive when I do a binary compare between two remote directories, one cifs, one nfs, using gigabit ethernet.

    I assume that this is one of the many problems I seem to be facings with the ATI graphics driver, high loads and processes sharing 100% CPU with Xorg are often seen as well with FF and/or Thunderbird and/or ntfs-3g, or combinations of these - it looks as if Xorg is in a loop, and settles to decent behaviour a couple of minutes after all applications involved are shutdown/killed.

    The reason I ask here is that for the last two weeks that I have been testing BC3 (btw, thanks for that possibility! ), this has been the most reliable way to trigger such behaviour, and currently I am trying as a last effort to resolve these effects, or will switch to another distro...

    Is anybody seeing either smilar behaviour on his/her machine, or are there users with Ubuntu and a radeon ATI card for which this combination works?

    Again, sorry if this is too detailed or OT,

    TIA, greets, tobi...