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BC 3 very slow after update to Ubuntu 16.04

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  • BC 3 very slow after update to Ubuntu 16.04


    I'm using a licensed version of BC v3.3.13, Build 18981.
    This works very well under Ubuntu 14.04.

    After updating to Ubuntu 16.04. (64Bit), BC needs now always five seconds before it starts to compare the file.
    This happens also with very small files (below 100bytes).

    Perhaps one of the new Ubuntu libraries has changed its behaviour?

    Now it's almost unusable if I have to compare many files
    Is there a workaround to avoid this five seconds delay?

    Best regards

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    BC 3.3.13 was released back in Oct 2014, while Ubuntu 16.04 is newer from April 2016. While not built for Ubuntu 16.04 and newer, BC3 can technically run on it as long as Ubuntu maintains backwards compatibility. There is a slight delay on a file compare start, but we don't have a workaround for this. Our policy on updates for major and minor versions can be found here:

    BC4 has rebuilt a lot of our Linux support, including full 64bit support, and does not exhibit the same delay in start up. You can back up your existing settings with the Tools menu -> Export, Remove BC3, and try the trial for free to test on your specific system:
    If you decide to upgrade, you are likely eligible for a discount:
    Aaron P Scooter Software