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A couple minor glitches:

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  • A couple minor glitches:

    First of all, thanks for the beta invite!

    In case it's relevant, I'm running build 442 under Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. Since the issues I'm having seem to be UI issues, I should also mention I'm using Gnome with Compiz Fusion.

    Synchronization is the main feature I use BC2 for, which apparently isn't available yet, so I haven't been able to really put this through its paces. However, I did notice the following minor problems:

    1) In the "Home" window (the one which appears when the program is first launched), in the "Saved Sessions" area, there are menu options to edit the session defaults for each session type. Selecting one of these options changes the functionality of the buttons at the left.

    It only happens with some selections, so here's an example series of steps to see this occur:
    - Bring up the Home window.
    - Expand the "Edit Session Defaults" menu option under "Saved Sessions".
    - Choose "Folder Compare" from the choices that appear. Do not change any settings.
    - At the left, click "Folder Compare" as if to start a Folder Comparison session.

    Instead of starting the session, the "Text Compare" option is selected under "Edit Session Defaults" and Text Comparison options are shown. Clicking the button again starts the session as expected.

    Edit: While playing with file formats and experiencing a similar problem, I realized that it wasn't actually registering a click of the button at all. Somehow the clickable area for the various default session types is extended to the left, all the way to the edge of the window. I don't know how else to explain it, so I made a video:

    While trying to pin down the exact (similar) behavior in the File Formats window, I experienced an application crash with lots of exception windows, which you can see here:

    2) Renaming and deleting the folders for organizing saved sessions -- the ones stored in the Sessions.xml file -- does not always work as expected. It seems that if a folder did not exist when the window was created, it is treated differently from folders that did, in that there are different rules governing whether it can be renamed or deleted. Specifically, a single new folder without any subfolders can't be renamed or deleted unless another new folder is created as a child. Like above, I can't nail down exactly what criteria are being used to determine whether it allows renaming or deleting, but here is a run-down of an example that'll show you the problem.

    - Back up and delete (or just move) your .beyondcompare/Sessions.xml file, if it exists, to clear the saved session folder list.
    - Open a session (I'm using a "Compare Folder" session).
    - Go to File > Save Session As... or use the toolbar button to bring up the Save Session As window.
    - Create a new subfolder under <Root>. It will be named New Folder.
    - Right-click New Folder and you'll see you only have the option of creating yet another subfolder.
    - Before creating a subfolder, right-click <Root> and see that Cirrus is giving you the option of renaming or deleting. This can't be done and will cause an exception if you try to do so. I assume that the option to rename or delete <Root> is not intended to be part of the interface.
    - Now, right-click New Folder and create another subfolder. It, too, will be called New Folder and if you right-click it, you cannot rename it. However, you can now rename or delete your first (original) "New Folder".

    It seems that the interface is allowing you to rename and delete folders that have a child (which would include <Root>), when actually you should be able to rename or delete anything that has a parent (since that would exclude <Root>).

    Also, as I alluded to above, existing folders already in the xml file seem to behave normally. If you were to click "Ok" after creating the first folder, and then again go to "Save Session As...", it would allow you to rename or delete your New Folder, and not <Root>.

    Hope that has helped you gentlemen. I will be sure to report back if/when I find more problems; in the meantime I'm patiently awaiting synchronization features so that I can test those!
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    As I encounter more problems, given that I won't have a windows workstation handy to isolate the operating system as a possible cause, how can I determine whether the bugs I encounter are specific to linux? Or should I just report any problems I experience here, and let you guys sort it out?


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      Just post them and we'll figure it out. Any weird user-interface behavior like you're describing is almost guaranteed to only be in the Linux side, and anything else that isn't Linux specific probably affects both.
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        Okay, I'll try to put UI glitches in here, and specific functionality problems in the appropriate forum.

        Once I realized that the button wasn't misbehaving, and the clickable area for those controls was being extended, I figured that problem was probably a linux issue, maybe even a Compiz issue (though I did try disabling Compiz and it still happened).

        It's not a game-breaking problem though and still might not even be a Cirrus problem. The second issue I described above I'm pretty sure is a Cirrus problem.


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          Thanks for reporting these bugs. I reproduced both of these on an Ubuntu 7.10 system without Compiz. I added these to our bug database as bugs #2107 (clickable area for Home), and #2108 (Rename and Delete of New Folder in Sessions list).
          Chris K Scooter Software