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support for arm processors - like the raspberry pi

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  • support for arm processors - like the raspberry pi

    When will you compile and sell a version for Arm processors, namely the Raspberry Pi?

    I don't think I'm alone in wanting to see that happen... emerging market, exposure to budding young programmers, yadda yadda... we're all waiting for you.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Beyond Compare is written in Delphi, so we would need the tools to be available in order to port to another platform. We are currently working on porting BC4 to Mac, and would look into other options after that release.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Just curious if there is any update on this or not? Thanks


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        Sorry, we don't have any plans to make an ARM port of Beyond Compare at this time.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          going forward this is not acceptable.
          Arm unveils its 2020 roadmap, with its Deimos and Hercules chips aiming to take on Intel's dominance.


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            Beyond Compare only supports Intel CPUs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Our development team is very small, so supporting an additional operating system or CPU architecture is not trivial. Due to limited resources, we don't have plans to support ARM CPUs at this time. We'll monitor the market share of ARM CPU PCs and may adjust our plans if they become popular.
            Chris K Scooter Software


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              It's definitely gaining in popularity, and I agree what better sales pitch, than to present it to young developers.

              Graph of growth:


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                The status of Beyond Compare on ARM platforms:

                macOS on ARM64 (Apple M1)
                Beyond Compare 4.3.7 is an Intel CPU application, but will run on ARM CPU (Apple M1) Macs via Rosetta 2 translation. An ARM CPU version is in development.

                Linux on ARM64/Raspberry Pi
                Raspberry Pi is a new, additional platform and needs more customer requests to justify the development, testing, and support required.

                We haven’t reached that threshold yet, but have looked into it some, and there are still some issues with Qt on ARM64 that upstream devs need to fix. Once that’s done it will be easier to support.

                Windows on ARM64
                Our development environment (Delphi) doesn’t currently support ARM on Windows. If/when they add that we will evaluate based on requests from customers.
                Chris K Scooter Software