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Coping TBs worth of RAW Video

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  • Aaron

    Yes, a Binary compare would let you know if the left and right compared items are binary equal. However, depending on your base folders, content comparison scans sometimes have to download a temporary version of the file(s) in order to compare them, after the copy completes.

    And also to clarify your phrasing, just in case, this works on items that align left to right (including if a file is Copied), but "Moving" a file wouldn't have a pair of files to compare after the command, and wouldn't run the binary compare.

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  • edgley
    started a topic Coping TBs worth of RAW Video

    Coping TBs worth of RAW Video


    I currently using Silverstack to move around a smorgasbord of folders, either filled with thousands of DNGs or large .mov.
    The reason being that I can be as sure as I can that there are no errors.
    However, it is slow.
    Very, very slow.

    As I use BC already I was hoping that the Binary Checksum option would give me the same peace of mind when moving stuff around?