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    FYI for anyone reading this after the fact: I did install and use RaiDrive, though not extensively. It seemed to work fine, although it is quite feature bare.

    I've since dumped BC4 in favor of Syncovery. However, I just happened to discover Cryptomator after seeing it recommended by I have not yet tried Cryptomator, but it is free and could be a usable solution, providing security while also working with BC4. (I mention "security" because I am not comfortable uploading my files in the clear to Google Drive, nor would I recommend that anyone does so.)

    Sorry for any unwanted reply notifications, but I know that information like this has helped me in the past, and I'm just trying to pay it forward.


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      I just connected my Google Drive with Google's Drive File Stream. I think it's only a school & workplace app though and what other features it has I cannot tell you because I literally installed it 10 mins ago! It automatically asks you to allocate a drive letter and gives you a ghost drive of all your files. I renamed and moved files in BC and they automatically changed in browser so seems to work so far! I'll re-post if there are any major issues but if I don't, it does the basic compare/upload of files which is all I'm after (I'd be uploading roughly 1-5gig files at a time). Hope this helps someone! This board has been so helpful to me.


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        Originally posted by raymondkode View Post
        For some months now, I have been running an app named "RaiDrive standard edition". (It's free.)
        Thanks very much for that. I installed RaiDrive today, and the BC4+RaiDrive combo has already saved me hours of trouble over the Google Drive web upload facility, which typically fails to complete or completes with errors for me.