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    I think it's been posted before but I suggest the ability to open all selected files in ONE instance of a program, i. e. with %s in the command line (BC3 then passes all selected files with full path info to the external program).

    The switch 'Multiple instances' (should be renamed to 'Multiple selection') may be set automatically and greyed out and the input field 'Working directory' may be respected, if path info is to be passed or not (something like 'Folder structure' in the 'Copy To Folder'-dialog) in this case.

    Perhaps it's better to add an checkbox 'Multiple selection' which handles the appearance of an open with-entry to separate this from 'Multiple instances' which handles if the selection shoud be passed to one or multiple instances of a program.

    Greetings Lutz


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      Originally posted by Chris View Post
      We originally had the "Explorer" option listed near the top of the context menu when it first appeared in Beyond Compare 2. On some systems with many shell extensions installed, it takes a long time to list the Explorer menu. We moved it to the bottom of the list in the current BC2 and in BC3 to make it less likely for a user to accidentally mouse over the menu and hit a possible slowdown generating the menu.
      I feel ACDSee's solution is better. In ACDSee, Ctrl-right-clicking (or Shift-right-clicking) gives the Explorer context menu independently. Thus, the Explorer menu appears only when one needs it.
      I think BC can accept this as an option.


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        Originally posted by B2C View Post
        I feel ACDSee's solution is better.
        I haven't used ACDSee. Does the Explorer menu appear as a submenu when you hold Ctrl or replace the existing popup menu? If it's the latter, they didn't do it because it's a better interface, they did it because it's much easier to implement. The code to merge the Explorer menu as a submenu took a lot of research and testing to get right. Showing the Explorer menu on its own, on the other hand, is positively trivial. I wouldn't be surprised at all that a company would go that route if they didn't want to spend a lot of time on it.

        Either way, I don't think that having to hold down a key when you click to get a different menu is very discoverable, so I can't agree that it's a better interface.
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          If you change the access to the Explorer sub menu, Please do not get rid of the ability to get there with the keyboard.

          I use the keyboard Alt+A X to access the explorer functions.


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            adding "Open with associated application" functionality

            I too would like a quicker way to open a file in its associated app. I use this feature regularly. In BC3 "Open" in the Explorer menu is buried too deep.

            I took maurice's and markf_2748's great suggestion on modifying the "Open With" command one step further by making shortcuts for my most frequently used apps. Here is how I configured my BC3:

            Tools > Options... > Open With

            Description: MyExplore Shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+O
            Command Line: explorer.exe /n,/e,/select, "%f"

            Description: MyExcel Shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+E
            Command Line: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\EXCEL.EXE

            Description: MyWord Shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+W
            Command Line: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.EXE

            Description: MyPwrPnt Shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+P
            Command Line: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\POWERPNT.EXE

            Description: MyPDF Shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+A
            Command Line: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe

            Now I can easily open most of the files that I can use frequently from BC with a single key sequence.

            While this workaround serves my needs, I think that adding "Open with associated application" functionality via several methods would improve an already awesome piece of software.

            Another nice to have is markf_2748's request to include an option to enable double clicking on a file name open that file in its associated app instead of in the file compare window.

            The speed of BC3 and the Portable Install are what make me really love this piece of software. I eagerly await updates!


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              This is an old thread, but I was looking for a solution, because I really miss Open With > Associated App, too.

              On my system, the Explore submenu was incredibly slow, so I am glad that BC3 moved it to the bottom.

              I also agree that Open With should be near the top.

              I found a way to add Associated App to the Open With least for XP. I use "cmd /c @start "Bogus Title" "%f".

              I attached a screen shot in case that is more clear.

              Hope this helps.


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                Thanks for the suggestion. This KB Article (formed from the comments on this post and others) may be useful:
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