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Ignoring Folders

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  • Aaron
    You can edit the Folder Compare's Session Defaults from the Home Screen -> Edit Session Defaults (green folder) -> Folder Compare.
    Then go to the Filter By Name tab, and add Exclude your Folders.

    You can test which filters to use in an Open Folder Compare, and then Save the Session Settings (Session Menu -> Session Settings) as the new Defaults via a drop down near the bottom of the dialog).

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  • Daniel Israel
    started a topic Ignoring Folders

    Ignoring Folders

    Hi, hope this is the right place.

    I love BC and I just upgraded to BC3.

    However, I often compare folder structures that have version control stuff (Subversion, CVS, Dreamweaver, etc...)

    Is there a way to (globally) tell BC to ignore folders with these formats (eg: _notes, .svn, etc...) ?

    Thanks for any help!