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    As an FYI, v3.1.6.10721 was very stable in CrossOver. There was an error every once in a while that you could continue through with seemingly no issues. I found an older download and installed it. Told it to "upgrade" my newer installation and it has come back and is working again. Hope this helps...



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      Thanks for the bug report. I've reproduced the issue inhouse and we'll have it fixed in 3.1.8.
      Zo P Scooter Software


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        Originally posted by Craig View Post
        Thanks for the bug report. I've reproduced the issue inhouse and we'll have it fixed in 3.1.8.
        That's great. Thanks.


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          A BC alternative for the Mac!

          Given that BC is not available for the Mac, I recommend DeltaWalker from It's a bit different, but easy enough to get used to, and dare I say, just is good!

          Sorry Scooter, I couldn't wait any longer!


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            As far as I see, there are no activities at the moment to bring Beyond Compare to the Mac.

            I use it with Crossover at the moment. Runs fine, but it is far from beeing a god solution.

            I am wondering if there is a way to install the Debian Linux Version on a Mac in the X11 environment. Did anyone tried this ?


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              Hello Heimi,

              Sorry, it isn't possible to run the Linux version of BC3 on the Mac.
              Chris K Scooter Software


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                Respectful request for BC on mac

                I just wanted to add to the list people whom would like to have a mac port of BC (3 or 4 or what ever). I know you don't have the resources now so I expect no response on this immediately. but I just figured that I would let you know I am on that list. either under mac or under the x11 of mac will do. In the mean time thanks for a great piece of software for win/Linux keep up the good work.


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                  To add to the list of support - I would also really like to use BC on a Mac.

                  I have been using BC on the PC for donkey's years now and have finally made the move to Apple - and really miss BC.



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                    Count me as yet another Mac user who hates firing up the ol' Windows VM to run Beyond Compare. I'd buy another copy for the Mac in a heartbeat if only it was available.


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                      I would LOVE to see BC3 on the Mac. I have tried virtually every file/folder compare utility on the Mac (didn't try DeltaWalker yet) and none of them have the capabilities and intuitive interface of BC3.


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                        count me down too. this would be a nice addition to the applications folder. i love using this software when i'm running windows.

                        isn't linux even more of a niche than the mac os? how's about re-aligning those resources to something that would likely be more profitable. this is a bit of a void in os x.

                        os x is stable, always. that's why people choose it. i've got windows on the side if i need it. i don't need it too often.


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                          Originally posted by pixelmason View Post
                          isn't linux even more of a niche than the mac os?
                          We've been kind of vague about this, but it's not really that Linux is more or less niche, and how we allocate programmers won't change anything.

                          Beyond Compare is written using the Delphi programming language. It used to have a Linux version called Kylix, and that's what we're using for our Linux port. It doesn't support OS X, and we can't until it does. BC is much more complex than most people think, and rewriting it just for OS X isn't an option.

                          The Delphi developers are working on OS X support, and we are going to use it once it's available, but it's taking longer than both they and we expected. We are aware of the demand though, and once we can do something we will.
                          Zo P Scooter Software


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                            I currently run BC2.5 on my Mac using Crossover 8 quite happily.

                            Perhaps you guys initially could adopt a similar model to that Enterprise Architect do for MacOS support?

                            As I see it the customer base for Beyond Compare would be a very technical crowd so, some installation instructions might be all that's required?


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                              +1 Vote for a native Mac version of Beyond Compare.

                              BC is one of the few apps that I now fire up VMWare Fusion for.
                              BC on Crossover for me is nasty, horrible look/feel/fonts etc.

                              I'm a long term v2 user, I've tried loads of alternatives on Mac (Deltawalker, Changes, Araxxis Merge etc etc) and none of them come close to Beyond compare for functionality, user friendlyness, speed and features.

                              With IDM Ultradedit going Mac native, all I need now is Beyond Compare native ... but maybe more chance that IDM UltraCompare will come first?


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                                I fully expect that UltraCompare will come to MAC first...but it won't be any better than the alternatives you've already tried. When IDM takes a product to a new platform, it usually consists of a subset of the functionality available in the Windows version of the product.

                                UC doesn't even have a genuine 3-way merge engine for the Windows version of their product, though I've been harping on them to implement one for years (since before BC3 was born). UC is beginning to mature, but merge technology simply isn't a priority for them since they've had a 3-way compare mode all along.
                                BC v4.0.7 build 19761