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    I just found out that WinDiff has a capability to store comments made to a diff to their own file that can be imported by someone else:

    File:.\so-test.cpp : .\so-test2.cpp, Total comments:1
    Comment #1, L22 of right file<21>
    Reviewer comment:
    Why not just initialize the variable to 1?
    Source line:
    np += 1; // useless line for code review test

    This is a model that BC might use to permit some simple sharing of code review comments. WinDiffs work, but they are pretty rudimentary (for example, there's no mechanism to delete or edit a comment).

    Another area where WinDiff's implementation falls short is that it would be nice if the comment file could be opened directly and have the tool automatically open the corresponding diff based on the "File:" information int he header. To be useful for code review, BC and the header information in the code review comments files would need to be able to support version control systems and/or patch files natively.

    Anyway, it's an idea that might be a starting point for code review support.


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      Thanks for the feedback, reference material, and analysis. I'll add all these notes to our wishlist entry on the subject.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        I'm a new user who will probably get Pro. Has a commenting feature been added yet?


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          Sorry, Beyond Compare 4.2.8 (current) doesn't have a commenting feature. It is still on the feature request list for a future version.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            I am a current user who has a Pro - and I need such feature too - more is in this topic:



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              We at NC DHHS would appreciate the ability to add comments and notes to the Compare Reports. This item is 10 years old so it would appear it is past time to make the changes. Keep it simple perhaps a manual noting process in the Session Compare Reports. Not even necessary to have this persisted beyond the current report in the first release.

              Meanwhile we are using html editor to add these ourselves to the html format compassion reports. BlueGriffon (open source) allows adding a column to the right of the html comparison report and entry of comments. Cells can be joined to make this nicer. Naturally you do not have persistence of the comments if you rerun the comparison.
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                Please add this commenting feature as it would be extremely useful. This request is soon 12 years old! It can't be that hard to implement...