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compare .7z with lzma

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  • Aaron

    BC3's archive library is older. To handle newer 7z files, you'll need to use BC4 which has a newer archive library. You can install the trial of BC4 to test/verify with your specific files (without removing BC3) here:

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  • Ryder
    started a topic compare .7z with lzma

    compare .7z with lzma


    I using BC 3.3.13 and 7zip 16.04.
    Ill try to compare two different .7z archives with BC3, the first one looks good, the second one shows only hieroglyphics. Ive tried to unzip and zip it again in different parts but without getting the second archive working at bc3. When I use 7zip, but choose .zip as format (or .tar as well) it works with BC3.
    What do I have tu select/setup to get it working as .7z with lzma?
    The strange thing is I have older archives with .7z and lzma which are working, when i unzip them and zip again as the same way, they are showing also hieroglyphics.

    Thanks in advance