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Comparison DVD drive with streamed version of software

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  • Comparison DVD drive with streamed version of software

    I'm 99% certain I know what my problem is, so I'm mostly looking for confirmation that I'm correct.

    I mostly use Beyond Compare to check that data that was copied from some source to our network was copied correctly. The explorer address for the source data (if a thumb drive or whatever) is usually something like \\computername\e$\folderwithfiles. I found this doesn't work for DVD drives, though, and I always assumed it's because optical drives aren't shared, or there's some setting in Windows where optical drives can only be accessed by the computer they're attached to. I never looked into it because I always found ways around it, so I don't know the actual reason.

    Now, however, we've finally moved to Windows 7, and our desktops are largely (though not completely) virtualized. I still have a physical computer with my own hard drive, but my install of Beyond Compare isn't installed on my computer - it's streamed in via Citrix Receiver. I hadn't considered the implication of this prior to moving to Windows 7, but now when I insert an optical disc, Beyond Compare tells me it can't access the optical drive. Is this because Beyond Compare is streamed, and if so, is there some way around it? I'm perfectly willing to present to the others around here that I have to have it installed on my computer, but I want to have the facts first.

    Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

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    I am not immediately aware of the restrictions dealing with Citrix streaming, but would it be possible to stream Windows Explorer or another program to perform a similar test? You could then test with Explorer, with a copy/paste of the address line, if it can access it when local or streamed.

    You can also install the trial of BC3 locally to test with as well. Assuming you have a per-user or site license, you are also able to install BC3 on multiple machines for you to use, so you wouldn't need to purchase an additional license.
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