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Is Folder Compare Info available as a file?

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  • Is Folder Compare Info available as a file?

    Good morning,

    Is the information produced by the Session/Folder Compare Info feature available to save as a file in addition to on screen? It is exactly what I need (a list of the approximately 153k files I need to synch between 2 network locations) but can only get screenshots and need the information saved to a file (preferably html to show the color-coded differences).

    I tried generating a similar report with the Folder Compare Report option (showing all files) but it fails with the error "a call to an OS function failed" at ~143MB into the process. Many of the file paths are too long and I am unable to get a comprehensive list using a DIR command in DOS.



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    Are you generating a Summary Report from the Folder Compare? This should be the information you are looking for. If you generate it on a smaller batch of files, does this work for you?

    153k files shouldn't be over our limit. Which set of options are you using that generates this error?
    Aaron P Scooter Software