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Slow Folder Compare between Solaris & Linux

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  • Slow Folder Compare between Solaris & Linux

    I use Folder Compare via sftp between Solaris 10 servers frequently. The compare is very quick. I have session settings for Quick tests set:
    Compare file size
    Compare timestamps
    and Skip if quick tests indicate files are the same
    and Override quick test results

    But when I compare Solaris to Linux, it takes a very long time. The timestamps on the files are the same according to "ls -l".

    Any ideas?

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    In the first scenario when it is fast, are you on a Windows machine comparing a local folder to an SFTP (hosted on Solaris 10)?

    Then, the issue is that on your Linux machine, you are comparing a local folder to the same SFTP servers and it is slower?

    If there is a difference in the local content, this could impact the load or the comparison. If my assumption is false and the 'local' content is not local, this can also have a large impact. Also, if any additional Columns are shown, some require downloading the files (CRC, for example), which can also impact the performance.

    Would it be possible to get more details on the normal/quick compare vs. the slower comparison? A set of screenshots showing the issue, and another showing a working compare might help find if there are any configuration differences.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      When it is fast, BC3 is on local windows machine using sftp to compare two remote folders on two solaris machines.

      Then I compare one of the folders above (solaris) to an identical folder structure hosted on linux using sftp for both. It is very slow.

      Typical times for the folder compare are:
      Solaris to Solaris via sftp: 19 secs
      Solaris to Linux via sftp: 5 min 49 secs

      Would be happy to setup a GoToMeeting so you can watch the folder compare and adjust settings. Just need an email address to send link.


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        If you load only the server hosted on the Linux FTP on a single side of a Folder Compare, is it also slow to load or Edit menu -> Expand All? It sounds like that FTP might just be generally slow. Do you know which server software is running on the Linux machine? It is normally something specific, like vsftpd, and a specific version number for that server.

        Our email is If you email us, please also include a link to this forum thread for our reference.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Yes, if I do New Session, Folder Compare, and put the sftp address of just the Linux folder on one side and nother on the other side, it is very slow as stated below: > 5 minutes.

          I will check into the Linux ftp server software to get type and version before setting up a GoToMeeting.


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            It might help to also connect with another Client software, such as Filezilla. Does it connect faster?

            If it is faster, could you email a copy of the Filezilla log and the BC3 log? This would let us pick out differences in the configuration.
            Aaron P Scooter Software