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Don't understand Results of rules based

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  • Don't understand Results of rules based

    Hello everyone,

    i did a comparison between folders and i don't quite get it what the result means. First this are the seetings of the comparison:

    I stumbled upon this file here:

    It has identical size, Date and therfore should be in black ink.

    After reading the manual i thought rules based comparison would do:
    1. Quicktest (black ink should be used)
    2. binary compare
    3. rules based comparison
    4. showing the apropriate Sign in the middle columm


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    The Rules-based compare runs a binary scan first, since the binary results are much faster to compute. Depending on the results of this scan, BC then determines if it should run the Rules-based scan for those results, too. Unless you need to use Unimportance or other rules-based factors, I would recommend a Binary scan to determine if large files are different.

    The file in the screenshot might have the same timestamp and size, but the binary scan results are different. If you stretch the size column to be wider, the size might be different as well; we show more details as the columns width is increased. Because the file has a middle column showing the Binary Different icon, we can be certain that the binary scan returned that the files are different.

    Given your settings, if any Timestamp, Size, or Rules-based/Binary scan is different, the file is different. The only way for it to be equal is if all 3 are equal.

    The "Skip if quick tests indicate files are same" and "Override quick test results" are options that can shortcut or remove certain tests if other tests are equal/different. By default, normally you would leave "Override" enabled, since the detailed scan showing the file is different is normally a better scan than just file size and timestamp, and its results can get priority.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software