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VS2012 TFS folder Compare?

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  • VS2012 TFS folder Compare?

    Does anyone know how to configure the 'Compare' option in Visual Studio 2012 under the Source Control Explorer to use BC.

    I can do this for the individual files.

    I would like it open a single instance of BC doing the compare of the Team Foundation Server source with the local target path folders, so I can navigate within BC to select which files to compare, rather than the results withing VS2012.

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    Navigating and browsing a TFS location is not currently a supported feature. If TFS or another program that can bind this location as a drive letter, remote network location, or an FTP, BC3 could browse the location. You can also check out a temporary copy of the directory to your local harddrive to open and compare with BC3.

    If defined with BComp.exe (not BCompare.exe, as defined in our KB article*), you should be able to select and call multiple individual file diffs, and they would each open in their own tab.

    Aaron P Scooter Software