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Please add Compare Contents options to Session Options

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  • Please add Compare Contents options to Session Options

    I started a session and when the Compare Contents dialog popped up, I selected Binary comparison and checked Don't Show This Again.

    Later, I added rules, but I had to go into Tools | Options | Folder Views | Confirmations to get the dialog to come up so I could select Rules-based comparison.

    Please consider adding the Action (comparison type) radio buttons and perhaps even the Show results dialog checkbox to the Sessions Settings | Comparison dialog:

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    The Session Settings control a background comparison that runs at the launch of the session. The Folder Compare panes themselves show the results of this scan as it is running. The center column between two files populate, and you can use the Display Filters to narrow down which sections are shown.

    We probably wouldn't add a dialog that would pop-up automatically after a background task, but you can launch a dialog using the Session menu -> Folder Compare Info to see a dialog similar to the "Show results dialog".
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I actually don't like the reports dialog: let's forget about that part.

      How about the selection of the type of comparison this background task is using? Can that go on the Session Settings?


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        I'm not sure if I understand that request. The Session Settings, Comparison tab does control the type of comparison the background task is using. You can select the default: Timestamp, Size, with Override. If you add a content scan here (Timestamp, Size, Override, Binary, as an example), that would be the same as running with the defaults (Timestamp, Size, Override) and then using the Compare Contents command to add a Binary scan (Binary).
        Aaron P Scooter Software