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  • Folder & Zip folder compare

    I want to be able to automate a compare report for two different folders. First folder if something like C:\Program Files\ee\ff\ADF\gg\win_b64\code\bin scond folder is inside a zip file on another drive something like
    I would like a report that the *.DLLs in these two folder have teh same timestamp or are the same binary. the trick here is that first and second have 15 different value sets for one report.

    I will admit right now that Beyond Compare is now to me and I am finding so manything I could do. Please help...

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    You will need to set the base folder of the Folder Compare on the left as:
    C:\Program Files\ee\ff\ADF\gg\
    and on the right as:

    At which point, both will have the same subfolders:

    This should align them side by side and compare items of the same name in the same structure.

    We also have tutorial videos here:

    And our Trial is fully featured to test with before purchase is necessary:

    Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      With the following command:
      C:\PROGRA~2\BEYOND~1\bcompare.exe "@C:\BCS\CBSR.txt" "C:\PROGRA~1\xx\yy\ADF\\win_b64\code\bi n" "C:\Users\TJS4689\Desktop\NF"

      And the following Script (CBSR.txt):
      load "folder1" "folder2"
      expand all
      criteria timestamp

      I get a fatal error has occurred: Unable to load base folder The script will now exit.

      First - what am I doing wrong?
      Second - what is needed in the sript for a timestamp compare and report to text file?
      I would like the report to indicate file found and if the same files are on both sides tell if the time stamps are the same.
      Third - Videos and Forum have been help full.
      Fourth - Using Version 3.2.4 (build 13298) on Windows 7 x64
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        Command line arguments are available to scripts as the variables %1 through %9. Try changing your script to the following:

        criteria timestamp
        load "%1" "%2"
        expand all
        folder-report layout:side-by-side output-to:c:\report.txt

        Then run the script using the following command line:
        C:\PROGRA~2\BEYOND~1\bcompare.exe "@C:\BCS\CBSR.txt" "C:\PROGRA~1\xx\yy\ADF\\win_b64\code\bi n" "C:\Users\TJS4689\Desktop\NF"

        The "folder-report" command supports many options, if you want to customize it, see the description of "folder-report" in the "Scripting Reference" topic in Beyond Compare 3's help file.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          We use MS word to do a merge for each directory set we want to compare that I save as a text file. Can I feed BCompare this text file to comape all of theses directories and out a single summary report?

          Folder file:
          C:\PROGRA~1\aaa\CAA_APPS\BOEBE5~1\\win_b64 \code\bin
          \\zzz\data\yyy\xxx\vvv\BP21_EarlyLook\BOEBE5~1\2.1 0.0.0\win_b64\code\bin

          C:\PROGRA~1\aaa\CAA_APPS\BOEBE5~2\RETIRE\win_b64\c ode\bin
          \\zzz\data\yyy\xxx\vvv\BP21_EarlyLook\BOEBE5~2\RET IRE\win_b64\code\bin

          C:\PROGRA~1\aaa\CAA_APPS\BOEBE5~3\\win_b64\ code\bin
          \\zzz\data\yyy\xxx\vvv\BP21_EarlyLook\BOEBE5~3\2.8 .0.0\win_b64\code\bin

          C:\PROGRA~2\BEYOND~1\bcompare.exe "@C:\BCS\CBSR.txt" "C:\PROGRA~1\xx\yy\ADF\\win_b64\code\bi n" "C:\Users\TJS4689\Desktop\NF" "C:\BCR\Folder Report.txt"

          load "%1" "%2"
          expand all
          compare binary
          criteria attrib:sh timestamp:2sec
          folder-report layout:summary output-to:"%3"


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            Beyond Compare can't take a text file with a list of folders as an input for a script.

            It also doesn't support appending to a report. A new report command will overwrite the previous contents of the file used in the report command. However, you can wrap the call to the script in a batch file to create an appended report.

            Example - generatereports.bat

            bcompare.exe @c:\script.txt c:\folder1a c:\folder1b c:\outtemp.txt
            type outtemp.txt > out.txt
            bcompare.exe @c:\script.txt c:\folder2a c:\folder2b c:\outtemp.txt
            type outtemp.txt >> out.txt
            bcompare.exe @c:\script.txt c:\folder3a c:\folder3b c:\outtemp.txt
            type outtemp.txt >> out.txt

            When you run the above batch file, it will append the reports from all 3 script runs to out.txt.
            Chris K Scooter Software


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              Thank you we have incorporated your recommendations. We have also added date and time to the front of the final report text file. Thanks for the support!