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Keeping two server folders in sync...

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  • Keeping two server folders in sync...

    Hi Everyone,

    We've been evaluating the software for about a week or so now. It works great to keep our two shares in two locations in sync.

    Question though, I noticed that when folks move files around or delete on one folder, they reappear during the sync on the other folder. This can cause duplicates especially if a file is moved into a different folder.

    Am I using the software wrong? Or do we need a different type of software to keep our two shared folders in complete syncronization?

    Thank you for your help.


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    This would depend on the type of Sync used. We do not currently track Moves or Deletes, so when the compare is loaded, BC3 simply sees a file on the left side that is not aligned to a file on the right side (since they are in different locations, or one has been deleted). At this point, BC3 treats them according to the Sync logic used: Update or Mirror.

    Update will copy any Orphan (unaligned/blue) files in the Source to the Destination, and will also copy over any Newer files. Equal Files, Older Files, "Different" Files (with different size but equal timestamps) will be left alone, and any Orphans in the destination will be left alone.

    Mirror will copy any Orphan, Newer, Older, Different files, and will delete any Orphans in the destination. Basically, it makes both sides identical, and only leaves Equal files alone. This sounds closer to what you want but be careful, since you will want to be sure any Orphans in the destination are only Orphan because of a Move/Delete in the Source. If other files can be Orphan (such as from multiple syncs from multiple users to the same backup location), they would also be deleted which is not what you want.

    Are you currently using the graphical interface to view the Sync preview? This would be helpful in determining the steps about to take place, and would let you review what is considered an Orphan in the Source and Destination.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That is pretty much what I thought

      I am using the GUI for preview. This is working well for now but we will need a full synchronization solution by the end of the month.