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Excluding filters from right-side only to find SVN folders

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  • Excluding filters from right-side only to find SVN folders

    Is there a way to apply filters to only one side of a folder comparison?

    For example, I'd like to exclude the .SVN folders from the left-side of my view only, so that when I compare the right-side folder I could see any .SVN folders that had accidentally been pushed to our server.

    The problem I'm running into is I have a few areas folders where users have incorrectly pushed folders/files that should not have been copied to the destination. What I'd like to do is set up the exclusion filters to be applied to only one side, that way when I could just sync the other side to the correctly filtered results.

    Is there a way do easily identify folders like this that I didn't want copied to the destination and then sync the 2 sides?


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    Beyond Compare 3 does not support 1 sided folder filter commands. Might I recommend doing this in two passes? If you set a filter to only show .SVN folders, you should be able to clean up the right side. Once cleaned up, you could then exclude .SVN entirely from the comparison, correct?

    You can add either of these filters to the File Name Presets in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Folder Views section, so they are shortcuts in the toolbar dropdown. One for Inlcude and one for Exclude SVN.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That's essentially what I did (multiple passes,) but it was time consuming. I was also looking for a way to automate this cleanup in the future in case it ever occurs again. I just know I've had to do this kind of thing a couple of times in the past (where a folder would get out of sync due to someone manually copying some files over.)

      Anyway, thanks for your response.

      In situations like w/repository or project files, I could definitely see where it could be helpful to apply the filter to only one side of the comparison, so you could find rogue files. While I'm sure it would take a lot of work to do, perhaps consider it for a future release.

      Maybe there's a way you can add a filter in the format -[r]path to exclude a filter from only one side of the comparison, where you could do [rlc] (right, left or center) as directives. You'd have to allow escaping of those characters in the corner case that they appear in the actual name of a filter, but maybe that would provide some extended formatting options.

      Thanks again for your reply!


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        Thanks for the use case and ideas. I can certainly add these notes to our Customer Wishlist entry on the subject of single sided filters, and is something we can consider for a future release.
        Aaron P Scooter Software